February 14, 2018

Posted on: February 20th, 2018 by MCA

Governor Bruce Rauner presented his Fiscal year 2019 Budget Address today before the Illinois General Assembly. He stressed “making tax spenders accountable” and included in pension reform and employee health insurance reform among his budget priorities.

The Governor promised a $1 billion tax cut, and to eventually roll back last year’s income tax increase. He stated that revenue would be freed up at the state level by making school districts and higher education pay all of their own pension costs. Such a cost shift would probably have the result of increasing local property taxes or closing schools. He stated that the Board of Higher Education is looking for ways to streamline Illinois’ higher education system which may possibly include closing schools. The Governor mentioned reducing worker’s compensation costs but did not provide any details.

The MCA and the Illinois PipeTrades Association are holding their joint event in Springfield this evening. Already in attendance is MCA of Chicago Government Affairs Committee Board Liaison Jim Jacobsen, Jr. We hope to see you this evening!