About MCA of Chicago

The MCA of Chicago is a membership organization that represents more than 400 union contractors who service and install technologically advanced and energy-efficient heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and process piping systems across the region.

Our members perform the mechanical construction and service for everything from commercial and residential buildings, to food-processing facilities, refineries, green energy systems, power plants, manufacturing plants, hospitals, airports, hotels and data centers.

Membership in MCA of Chicago provides labor relations, high-quality learning opportunities, innovative safety and technology programs, legislative representation, mentoring opportunities and professional networking.

Mission Statement:

MCA of Chicago leads the union mechanical construction and service industry by promoting professionalism, productivity and competitiveness. We serve our members through:

    • Labor relations
    • Education and information
    • Government and public affairs.

Core Values:

Leadership: Demonstrated by visionary judgment, hard work in the earnest pursuit of excellence, and a continuous commitment to competence and quality.

Innovation: Demonstrated by forward-thinking services and resources developed and provided in a dynamic, creative and invigorated environment.

Partnership: Demonstrated by an earned reputation for fairness, good-faith collaboration and respect for members and their industry.

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