Awards & Scholarships

Awards and Scholarships


This award is given to an individual who has given exceptional long-term service to the association over and above what is typically expected of a volunteer. With this award comes lifetime non-voting membership in the association and the right to attend its membership functions.

This award is given to any individual who performs outstanding service to the association and/or the industry.

This award is given to an individual who has gone above and beyond to substantially improve the quality of education given at the MCA Construction Education Institute®.

This award is given to an individual who has shown special talent and dedication in the area of labor relations.

This award is given to an individual who has provided sustained and exceptional contributions to the public policy goals of the association.


Herb Kreisman Scholarship Award–Funded by MCA Chicago
Established in 1998, the Herb Kreisman Award is named after long-time MCA member Herb Kreisman of Advance Mechanical Systems, Inc. Mr. Kreisman was one of the most active members MCA has ever had, and was named Honorary Member of the MCA in 1993. His involvement with MCA spanned 31 years, from 1960 to 1991. In that time, he served the Association in a number of capacities while working for the company that today is Advance Mechanical Systems, Inc.

Mr. Kreisman was MCA President from 1963 – 1964. He was also chairman of the Association’s Management Practices Arbitration; Promotions; Membership; Auditing and Finance; Trades Relation—Industry & Professional (chairman) committees; MCA Board of Directors; MCA’s delegate to the Coordinating Committee of Mechanical Specialty Contractors Associations; Labor/Management Relations Committee of the Construction Employers Association and the State/National Legislative Conference.

Mr. Kreisman was always involved in the industry as a whole. He sat on the Construction Industry Affairs Committee of Chicago from its inception in 1968, and was an acknowledged expert in the area of construction contract documents.

James McCauley Scholarship Award–Funded by McCauley Mechanical Construction
Established in 2011, the James McCauley Award is named after long-time MCA member Jim McCauley, Sr. of McCauley Mechanical Construction, Inc. Mr. McCauley was a very active and dedicated member of MCA and served the association for 36 years, from 1964 to 2000. In 2002, MCA created the “James H. McCauley, Sr. Labor Relations Award” with Mr. McCauley as the first recipient. He also received MCA’s “Lawinger Lifetime Achievement Award” in 2006.

Mr. McCauley was MCA President from 1982-1984 and served many years on the Board of Directors. He also served as Chairman of the Joint Arbitration Committee and was Trustee for Pipe Fitters JATC, Member Services and Activities, and also a Delegate for the Construction Industry Affairs Committee.

Owen Moran Scholarship Award–Funded by F.E. Moran, Inc.
For over eighty years, the Moran family has been passionate about mechanical engineering. In 1931, F.E. Moran opened as a boiler and radiator installation service provider and has since grown to six companies, providing services in HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection installation and service.

Owen Moran’s enthusiasm for mechanical engineering has spurred the Owen Moran Scholarship in his honor. It will be awarded to two candidates each year for $1,000. Owen Moran would be proud to encourage a new generation to pursue a career in mechanical engineering. As Owen would say, this trade is more than just a trade, it is life safety and life comfort.

Richard J. Mooney Scholarship Award–Funded by Hayes Mechanical
Mr. Daniel Hayes founded Dan Hayes Boiler & Repair Co. in 1918. Mr. Hayes support of the unions helped to foster a better work environment. “Honesty” and “Integrity” were always his watchwords of success. Dan built a solid business in the uptown area of Chicago where Hayes Mechanical still has customers with the 3rd generation of owners.
The 1960’s saw Richard J. Mooney, grandson of Dan Hayes, move into the management team. Mr. Mooney is currently the Chairman of the Board. Through Mr. Mooney’s vision, Hayes has grown to a national contractor with 9 offices throughout the United States. In 2008, Mr. Mooney received the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Excellence in Leadership Award from the Illinois Commission on Diversity and Human Relations. This award is given annually to an individual for promoting the ideals articulated by the late Dr. King. Mr. Mooney is also on the Board of Directors of the Canal Corridor Association which preserves the history and nature in the I&M Canal.

Hayes Mechanical prides itself in being a union contractor that employs Boilermakers, Pipefitters, HVAC Service Technicians, Millwrights, Plumbers, Electricians, Iron Workers, and Laborers across the United States.

James B Hill Scholarship Award–Funded by The Hill Group
The Hill Group (HILL), originally founded as L.C. Kohlman (LCK) in 1936 is one of the premier mechanical contractors in Chicagoland. James B Hill joined LCK in 1937 as an engineer and eventually worked his way to become President in 1961 and owner in 1970. Hill has stayed family owned and operated and continues to stay consistent with its goals of being a best in class mechanical solutions provider, best place to work for employees, and a concentration and drive for quality and safety every day.

The business has grown from a basic refrigeration and piping service company to be an industry leader in HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Energy Solutions, Test & Balance, and Operation & Maintenance in the Chicagoland construction market.

“My grandfather would be proud to provide the opportunity to another generation of college graduate to enter into the mechanical construction field. Our family had a transformational change based on his and our ability to provide mechanical solutions to our customers throughout the years. Grandpa always saw this industry on being very competitive and self-fulfilling to those that enjoyed and were up to the challenge” said James B Hill II now the president of Hill. “We just celebrated 80 years in Chicagoland and have every intention of staying a family business providing the same opportunities to others that my family had been provided.”