Meet the Staff

Executive Vice President

P: 312.384.1220 x224
E: jrayburn@mca.org

John came to us from the MCA of Indiana where he was the Executive Director since 1997. John has extensive experience and knowledge negotiating in the collective bargaining arena and has been responsible for negotiating multiple pipefitter union agreements throughout Indiana. Additionally, he is currently the secretary of the Industrial Relations Council (I.R.C.). He is a member of the MCAA Association Executives Council’s Executive Leadership Initiative Committee and previously served on MCAA’s Industry Improvement Funds Committee and MCAA’s Career Development Committee.

Senior Vice President

P: 312.384.1220 x223
E: dbulley@mca.org

I’ve been in the mechanical business for over 30 years, including a stint as a design engineer. I like staying ahead of the pack–whether it’s safety, service, green building, technology or re-writing various codes, I think MCA and I are always on the cutting edge. I like fixing problems and I like helping people so this is the perfect job for me. And yes, I’m a nerd. I’ve always preferred the term nerd over geek but you can call me either.

I’m the go-to person for: Technology, Safety, Service, Sustainability, Building Codes and Engineering. I can cover other areas in a pinch since I’ve seen it all.

Hobbies: I love to write and I love public speaking. I also like motorcycles but don’t currently own one because they are too dangerous to ride everyday. But if anyone ever wants to go riding at the national convention let me know, we can rent!

You’d be surprised to know that: I’ve started writing two books and I hope to finish them someday.

Senior Director of Engagement

P: 312.384.1220
E: rlintow@mca.org

I first joined MCA of Chicago in the summer of 2017. I have an extensive background in association management, so my transition to MCA was a breeze!

I’m the go-to person for: All education programs through our Construction Education Institute, and planning many of MCA’s meetings and events. If you’re looking for help on what course is right for you or how to register for an upcoming event, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Hobbies: I love to garden, spend time with my wonderful family, and ply my coworkers with delicious treats I bake at home.

Director of Finance

P: 312.384.1220
E: srocque@mca.org

I have been working at MCA since 2001. With over 25 years of accounting experience, I’m responsible for managing the day-to-day finances of MCA as well as PEC, CWB, LMCC, MIPAC Coordinating Committee and IEBB. In addition, I’m also responsible for the Human Resources department. With all that being said, I still love what I do even after all of these years!

I’m the go to person for: Anything to do with Accounts Payable/Receivable, LMCC contractor reimbursements, Audit & Investment Committees.

Hobbies: Letting the dogs take us for long walks, trying new recipes ( and talking my husband into be my taste tester), spending time with family.

You’d be surprised to know that: When traveling I prefer a campsite to a hotel room.

Director of Communications & Marketing

P: 312.384.1220
E: jspangler@mca.org

I joined the MCA of Chicago team in January of 2021. I love storytelling, and I can’t wait to continue to tell MCA of Chicago’s story. I come from a journalism background—I worked at several publications before making the move to marketing.

I’m the go-to person for: Anything marketing-related, social media, Marketing Committee, and MCA of Chicago’s publications, whether print or digital.

Hobbies: I love to read with a cup of coffee close by, write my own stories, and do anything outside. I also love photography.

You’d be surprised to know that: I hope to be a published author one day.

Administrative Assistant

P: 312.384.1220
E: admin@mca.org

I started off at the MCA of Chicago as the Accounting and Finance Intern in the summer of 2020, and was lucky enough to get to stay on as the administrative assistant! I am currently a third-year Accounting student at DePaul University.

I’m the go to person for: Anything related to clerical duties around the office, greeting and directing visitors and guests, and assisting wherever I can!

Hobbies: I love being active—whether it’s hitting the gym, playing basketball recreationally, or going for a walk. When I’m off the clock (and all done with my homework) you’ll most likely find me watching a movie, probably a Marvel movie because I am a huge Marvel Nerd!

You’d be surprised to know: I am fluent in French!