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Tech Podcast

Posted on: December 28th, 2020 by MCA

Executive Presence

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DECEMBER 18 @ 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM CST

Taught via Zoom | Instructor: Alex Willis

Research shows that self awareness is the strongest predictor of an executive’s effectiveness and overall success. The 4 Lenses Training Session will give you the tools to motivate reluctant people, communicate with power, strengthen your leadership abilities, and reduce stress and conflict.

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IMSCA Lobby Day 2018

Posted on: February 21st, 2018 by MCA

MCA of Chicago would like to encourage everyone to attend IMSCA’s 2018 Lobby Day on April 24th. The event will be held at the Statehouse Inn in Springfield. Lobby Day provides IMSCA members with in-depth analysis of current legislation of interest to the Illinois sub-contracting industry. Lobby Day also provides you with the unique opportunity to discuss these issues with your legislator.
Lobby Day is an especially rewarding experience for those new to the legislative process. MCA of Chicago strongly recommends attendance to Emerging Leaders and those eager to get involved with government relations for the first time.
Learn more and find out how to register here.

A Fresh Look at ROI: Annualized Project Return on Investment

Posted on: February 5th, 2018 by MCA

By Matt Stevens Ph.D. and Jennifer E. Day Ph.D.

What is the appropriate compensation for an owner of a construction contracting firm? How much is enough? Does a salary in addition to expenses make business sense? What is the single metric to measure financial success on a project?


Read the 7-page white paper here. 


Posted on: February 22nd, 2016 by MCA

MCA welcomed its new Executive Vice President, Jill Eckert McCall. A lawyer and MBA, Jill has been involved in management, strategic planning and education for multiple associations. Jill has worked for the American Bar Association (ABA) since 2000, serving most recently as its director of professional development. Moving from a vast organization to a small association like MCA offers Jill an opportunity to focus on some of the passions she developed through her many incarnations at the ABA and during her extensive community involvement.
“I knew that MCA is a premier local organization, and seeing that the MCA’s Master Initiatives match some of my own interests made the position really interesting to me,” Jill said. “I’m excited that my very first day at MCA was spent with the MCA’s Emerging Leaders Group. I think bringing more young leaders into the association will be important to keeping MCA moving forward.”

Technology education is another area that Jill feels is necessary in a changing construction market. “I know Steve Lamb has spoken extensively about the need for technology changes in order to keep up in the industry, and I completely agree that embracing new technology is key to success; whether it’s in the construction industry or a law practice.”
Ensuring that MCA provides a sense of family is also important to Jill, who comes from a big family and has five kids of her own. “Our members should continue to feel comfortable here so we can keep moving ahead together. I am positive that providing a welcoming atmosphere makes a difference.”

Jill is positive about many things – embracing technology, working with Steve until he departs on July 1 on MCA’s new strategic initiatives, reaching out to minority contractors, engaging with MCA’s upcoming leaders and recruiting new members to MCA. She promises to do her best to help MCA continue as the premier construction organization in the country. If her past is an indication, she can be believed. We are excited to have her on board.

Through her staff and volunteer leadership, Jill Eckert McCall, CAE, JD, MBA, has helped many find personal and professional success. Jill began her tenure at the American Bar Association as a career counselor for lawyers and law students. During the past decade, she served as the organization’s staff lead for various entities: continuing education/program accreditation, law practice/technology, and emerging professionals. As a volunteer, she has served on multiple governing boards, most recently including an international continuing legal education organization. Jill has contributed prior service on the Chicago Bar Association Board of Managers and as Co-Chairman of its Trade and Association Law Committee.

She completed her professional education in six years (BS, JD, MBA) and committed to a career path of association management in 2010 by earning her Certified Association Executive designation. Through the years, she has co-authored, contributed to, and edited books and articles, and made presentations to association and business leaders.


Posted on: February 12th, 2016 by MCA

When the St. Louis Arch was constructed in 1958, the plans included the deaths of five workers on the job. Today, zero accidents is the expectation. “Cyber security is like safety was in 1958,” said Bruce Billedeaux of Mavtech Global, keynote speaker at MCA’s Tech Showcase. “Because of connectivity in construction, it is becoming imperative to address the issue. The federal government is already requiring contractors to have cyber security plans in place.”

Tech Showcase provided a fast-paced day of learning about new technologies that affect the industry, from cyber security to advancements in welding. Eighteen high-level speakers and 25 exhibitors showcased the future to an audience of MCA contractor attendees and LU 597 apprentices and journeymen.

Laser scanners, mobile technologies and drones flying around the training center were small samples of the plethora of innovative technologies on display—all designed to increase productivity, reduce overhead and create a safer, more efficient workplace. Sage Estimating showed attendees how to build estimates more quickly than manual methods, and PlanGrid demonstrated software that allows team collaboration on building information from different locations.

The world of construction is changing fast. Apprentices at the event tried out virtual reality headsets, taking to the technology without hesitation. Lincoln Electric’s Orbital MIG welding impressed attendees with its precision calculation and time-saving capabilities. No one left the event without a story to tell about what they learned that could help perform a job more efficiently.

Held at the LU 597 Training Center in Mokena, the event was the sixth of its kind held by MCA Chicago, designed to keep members up-to-date on the latest trends to maintain their cutting edge in the industry.