About the Program

At MCA of Chicago’s Construction Education Institute, we’re committed to providing quality continuing education for field personnel and leadership. The Advanced Field Supervisor program provides a core curriculum, taught by CEI veteran instructor John Koontz. Each of the four days of core instruction is split into two parts and is designed to provide a student with a crucial aspect of field leadership training. From management and planning skills, to leadership tips and project closeout advice, the core curriculum of the Advanced Field Supervisor program will teach the skills any field supervisor needs to succeed on the job.

After the core hours are completed, certificate program students must complete an additional four elective courses in areas of their choosing. These courses are taught by university-quality educators at MCA’s Construction Education Institute and cover a wide variety of skills which students can select to best suit their professional needs.

Upon completion of all requirements, graduates of the program will receive a certificate of completion and will have all of the skills they need to be an effective field leader.


Download the Advanced Field Leader Certificate Program Catalog


2018-2019 Certificate Program cancelled. Stay Tuned for additional programming.

Certificate Requirements

Core Curriculum: Fundamentals for a Field Leader

Planning Skills for a Field Leader
Productivity Improvement: Material Management and Site Planning Methods for Mechanical Projects
A Field Leader’s Role in Project Documentation
Controlling Project Labor Costs
Essential Management Skills for the Project Field Leader
Managing Change at the Jobsite
Critical Leadership Skills for the Project Field Leader
Successful Survival of Project Closeout


Course Electives (Choose Four)

Everyday Negotiating Skills for Jobsite Supervisors
A Field Leader’s Field Guide to Developing Your Workforce: Step 1 and Step 2
General Conditions of the Contract for Field Leader Basic Business Writing for Field Leader
Managing Subs for Field Leader
Leadership Dynamics
Stepping Up to Supervisor
Hard-Hat Productivity
Practical Time Management Skills
Qualities, Characteristics & Habits of the Industry’s Best Field Leader
The Field Leader’s Critical Role in Safety
Project Control for Field Supervisors and Project Managers
Creating Highly Effective Field Leader/Project Manager Partnerships


Core Curriculum Pricing

PEC – $350