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  • 4/02: Work Without Stress (Training and Assessment)
  • 4/09: Virtual Tech Byte: Maintain Productivity, Communication and Team Culture while Working Remotely
  • 4/16: Wish You Were Here: Working Together When You Have to be Apart
  • 4/23: Excel Tips
  • 4/30: Guidelines to Getting Back on Track: What to do Once You’re Back in the Office
  • 5/7: Standout Relationships with Connie Podesta
    • Difficult people? Move over! Crazy demands? Under control! Critical conversations? No problem! Bottom line: how you choose to relate to, communicate with, be accountable to, resolve conflict with and garner respect from other people will directly impact your ability to attract and sustain healthy relationships so you can lead, manage, sell, produce, collaborate, work as a team, enjoy life, stay healthy, be happy and…experience success.
  • 5/14: Generation Rebound: Leading and Inspiring Multiple Generations to Thrive Through Uncertainty and Emerge Stronger with Jason Dorsey
    • The COVID-19 pandemic presents leaders with never-before-seen challenges and hidden opportunities.
      • How do you lead, message and drive results across generations in a time of rapid change and challenge?
      • How do you keep generations working together, focused and motivated during a time of stress and uncertainty?
      • Most importantly, how do you inspire resilience, innovation and progress to emerge stronger and poised to drive growth?
  • 5/21: Unlocking the Path to Professional and Personal Success with Michael Brandwein
    • Great leaders and workers are not “born” that way. Success is not “magic”—it’s methodical. This entertaining, practical presentation demonstrates how we can boost our professional and personal lives by focusing on specific skills instead of qualities. And you’ll be inspired by Houdini, the most famous magician in history, who performed such unbelievable escapes that highly intelligent people believed he had supernatural powers.
  • 5/28: Post COVID-19: Recovering Lost Selling Time and Revenue: What You Do Now Matters  with Todd Cohen
    • As we look beyond the current state, we are in and what our businesses will look like after COVID 19, looking for ways to recover revenue, rebuild relationships, and get healthy again is paramount. Companies must set themselves up for a fast start to save their year and prepare for 2021. So how does this happen? You can’t add more hours to the day, go back in time, cut your way to profitability or add more salespeople.