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CEI: Consultative Selling Skills

January 18 @ 8:00 am - 3:00 pm CST

Instructor: Gary Polian

CEI Classroom

Curriculum Overview
1. Program Design
The CSS program has been specifically designed to engage Participants in real-life skills practice. Thus, a lot of Agenda time is dedicated to the Skills-Practice activity, together with a facilitated balance of the core consultative concepts. Most of the first half-day is walking participants through the required Consultative behaviors. Focus on understanding Client Problems & Needs, and the critical differences of the Four Question Types is reinforced by the use of Transcripts, Tape Scripts & Case Studies prepared from the information gathered during the pre-program interviews & research. Small group discussion is also incorporated at regular intervals. By lunch on the first day, all participants will have a thorough understanding of core terminologies and the reason WHY Consultative behaviors have proven very successful in complex professional services selling. The overall content is framed around the FIVE basic phases of the Consultative Sales process – Planning, Opening, Investigating, Demonstrating Ability and Closing/Agreeing. The primary focus of the skills-based training program is centered on the INVESTIGATING phase … allowing participants to effectively practice asking the right questions at the right time during the critical interview process.

2. Program Objectives
The Sales Leadership Program will provide all Participants the skills to:
a) Use key Verbal Behaviors needed to influence the success of a sales interaction where the purpose is to sell an appropriate solution to a prospective customer.
b) Identify customer Problems and Needs that can be satisfied through your company’s range of services & offerings.
c) Effectively use the Four Question types of the Consultative Sales Model.
d) Effectively Plan for an Introductory sales interaction.

3. Skills Practice Format
Prepared from an actual real-life company example, it has the following structure:
a) 15 Minutes PLANNING – Participants, both Sellers & Buyers, with the assistance of the Facilitator, prepare over a 15 minute period, their approaches to their Role Play. Sellers & Buyers are separated, and also assist each other in their strategy.
b) 15 Minutes INTERVIEWING – Sellers interview Buyers one-to-one over a 15 minute period, and are also audio-taped. This process enables each Participant to quantifiably record their individual skills development over the FOUR Skills Practice sessions.
c) 15 Minutes MEASURING – Audio tapes are given to another Seller/Buyer pair for
Behavioral measurement. Every exhibited behavior is measured on the ‘Consultative Model’, and to give to the Seller for Performance validation, after the COACHING module is completed.
d) 15 Minutes COACHING – Using the same learned skills, each Seller/Buyer pairing Coaches the Measured Seller from the audio tape. The coaching process follows three main themes:
• What went well?
• What did they struggle with?
• What will they do differently next time?
e) 15 Minutes GROUP debrief – All Participants gather in main Training Room to debrief each other on their performances. Key points are summarized on flip charts.

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January 18
8:00 am - 3:00 pm CST