• Rich Dazzo I Sales Representative; dazzor2@cintas.com  ; Cell: (630) 202-3587
  • RJ Safety & Supplies; rjsafety451@yahoo.com ; 219-515-6181
  • Possibly HillCo (listed below under “Hand sanitizer”)

While N95 masks are hard to get right now, the FDA and NIOSH have recently and temporarily approved the foreign masks listed on this document. Some contractors had these masks held up in customs and they should now be on their way.

For guidance on how to re-use and prolong the life of masks please see this document.

Alternate: non-approved masks can be found here and in other places. Some people are apparently using these in lower-risk environments when they can’t procure approved masks.

Additional notes on masks from MCAA.

MCA of Chicago and LU597 have ordered/purchased cloth masks to be distributed in a few weeks.



In addition to regular suppliers, many distilleries are now making hand sanitizer. Here are some resources below. Note: the distillery produced ones can smell pretty bad and some contractors are adding scents, such as tea tree oil, to make them smell less noxious.

  • HillCo has a hand sanitizer in 7.8 oz bottles. nikki@hillcodistributing.com 
  • DE Enterprises in West Chicago: 708-345-8088.
  • Mineral Masters in West Chicago: 630-293-7727 (Tell them Ed from Midwest sent you)    
  • Kennay Farms Distillery: 815-901-1512
  • https://www.recareys.com/ 
  • Cintas (contact info above under “masks”)
  • HOH (listed below under “Surface Sanitizer”)




Surface Sanitizer
  • HOH has a surface sanitizer. They may have faster delivery of 55 gal drums of hydrogen peroxide-based sanitizer. Contact your salesperson or pboblak@hohwatertechnology.com 


Useful Notes: 
  • Check lead times on all orders! Some may be considerable!
  • Ask stores when shipments come in so you can plan to get the things you need when available (e.g., one Dollar Store/Dollar General has shipments coming in at 7 p.m on Fridays, which include wipes.)
  • Use a water bottle that can then be put into a sprayer for sanitizer refills (just label the bottle so no accidental ingestion!).
    If you have additional resources to add to this list please email to staff@mca.org